Scottish Bioenergy is a seven year old company that designs, installs and operates algal photobioreactor systems for biochemical production. We are also involved in micro-evolution,  bioprospecting and using natural manipulation techniques for targeted biochemical production.
We filed our first patent in 2007 and have an IP pipeline established with leading Irish and  UK Universities, where we fund research and development within the biotechnology field. Scottish Bioenergy has licenses to three platforms generated through academic collaboration.
We have completed a four year pilot study of an on-site reactor a separate three year program to optimize biohemical properties and garvesting techniques.  Our systems survived minus 12 °C temperatures, 50 knot winds and technical and biological mistakes too numerous to mention!
We have the ability to produce a range of high quality biochemical products including proteins, PUFAs (Omega 3), pigments and enzymes, tailored to specific needs and at a competitive cost.
If you’re interested in our systems and what we have to offer you then please get in touch.
Registration Number: SC331585
D-U-N-S- Number: 21-069-1626
Telephone: (01674) 850 061
From the US: 011-44-167- 485-0061